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Facts from a news desk:

A recent quote:  In her keynote address, Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Juliano Soliman thanked the winners for taking the lead in focusing public attention on child-related issues.


She noted the dire statistics that make children "among the most needy sectors of society." Out of the total population, she said, 43 percent are below 18 years old. Of these, five million children are unable to attend school; 3.7 million are working, and 2.2 million of these working children are exposed to hazardous conditions, "leaving them malnourished, susceptible to disease, intellectually and physically stunted with low self-esteem."

Street children in Metro Manila alone, Soliman added, number 258,074. The UNICEF has given priority to programs for street children.

Barahan, Occidental Mindoro has topped the chart as the number one village with the most number of malnutrition in the whole island of Mindoro according to a local doctor.

In answer to this call to help the children we have set up a program called "Health Restoration Program" where we give daily intake of vitamins and milk to children who are undernourished.  We started HRP a year ago and 23 out of 25 children have graduated from the program.  The other two are still being restored.  Another 23 malnourished children have been added this year.

We intend to keep the children in the program until they are declared "healthy" by the Village Health Clinic.  Part of HRP is to de-worm the children every 6 months.  FMI works with the local health workers as part of its community service.

Bro. Richard Balanay goes around the whole village to administer the vitamins and milk to every child enrolled in our program.  We have recently purchased a bike with sidecar for him to ride around.  Riding around sandy streets under a very hot and humid weather everyday for hours and hours is not easy but Bro. Richard is willing to make the sacrifice to show God's love to these needy children and their family.

Someday, if God would have it, we hope to buy him a motorbike with sidecar (tricycle) to make his task much easier and cover more distances for children living in very far corners of the village.

These are some of the children who graduated from HRP early this year:


In the 2004 Annual Mission we had our Tree Planting Project inauguration where we initially planted 12 mango trees along the road side.  Our goal is to plant as many trees as we can by mobilizing our team of children, youth and adults. This part of Mindoro has suffered drought due to the rampant illegal logging going on especially in the mountain areas.  As a response to this growing environmental concern, we have decided to make Tree Planting a part of our ministry to the community.  The local officials have expressed their support by backing up this project and even requesting trees from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Our 5-year goal is to plant 1000 trees in the village by 2010.  Please pray for this project to come to pass and for the people to realize that God is in control of nature and for the salvation of every unsaved souls.




Kids carry sacks to use as garbage bags for the litters they pick up from inside and around their school compound during the Saturday Community Service. Cleaning their own turf make children aware not to throw their trash just anywhere.  They learn to value cleanliness and learn to care for their immediate environment.

Every Saturday morning, these youth and children come to the sea shore for dawn-watch prayer.  Afterwards, they have a coastal clean up picking up litters from the sea shore.


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