FMI Mission Centers


Front view of the Mission Center

Back view of the Mission Center

Condition: badly in need of extreme make-over  (roof leaks, walls in need of new paint, termite infested)

Occupants:  Bro. Jun & Sis. Sheila Balanay with their newborn baby David Gideon.

Other occupants: Bro Richard Balanay and Bro. Zaldi Sabado

Dayap Mission Center

Condition: currently being built. This is a hut house - made of pawid (leaves sawed together).

Occupants: Pastor Boyet & Pastora Zeny Falla and children: Jessica, Jubilee, Mark


Bahay-Pari Mission Center


Condition: just finished building. This is a cement house with roof made of pawid (leaves sawn together)

Occupants:  currently being taken cared of by caretakers.  Mission staff stay whenever they would do outreach to the surrounding four villages.



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